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EDL, a national high-tech company, is the creator of the concept, “The Durable Casters”. After 37 years effort, we have successfully constructed the industrial chain of durable casters. In order to provide our customers a stable and high efficient service, we are using a intelligent working process to ensure the producing. Now,our daily production is over 30,000pcs of casters.

EDL also established a new management method called “Thingnet”. Starting from taking order to storing the products, you can control and supervise the process anytime you want. We put our focus on 3 durable categories: general casters, specialized casters and device casters. There are over 40 series and 20,000 specifications. Every field that needs a short distance move can find a suitable caster.

Customers First and Cooperation are the two core concepts of EDL. Useful and Honest are our business purpose. All of these give us the power to continuously improve ourselves. The only thing we want is to provide the best service for you.


Caster, Swivel Castors, More than 20,000 kinds, One-step Shopping,

Details Determine Quality

People of EDL, Watch Heart with Action

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EDL Factory Outlet, Deliver the Real Value of Products

Focus on Caster Business for 37 Years and Build a Sincere Enterprise.

37 years of EDL's business is just a microcosm of time. Only the honors we have won prove that every step we take is worthy of consumers.


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