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EDL established a new development direction in 2011, formulated the enterprise transformation, upgrading plan and implementation strategy, including:

       1.Enterprise structure transformation: point → line → three-dimension, expand from product line to business line, including economic and trade cooperation, brand management, patent management, enterprise training, etc. From professional stores to specialized stores, including industry casters (such as food, medical, chemical, furniture, etc.), carts, supporting feet, etc. From monopoly operation to channel marketing, including network, chain, direct selling, agency and so on.

2.Business model transformation: real to real, one to one → cooperation, alliance. Strengthen the concept of win-win cooperation with employees, dealers, suppliers and customers, and establish the business philosophy of sharing glory and disgrace.

3.Management upgrade: human management → scientific management → humanistic management. Guided by the corporate culture and with the purpose of the mainstream social values, we will tap the internal cultural elements of the enterprise, create an active, sincere and trustworthy environment, build a staff team capable of self-management, self-restraint, self cooperation and self-development. 

4.Staff upgrade: physical workers → knowledge workers. We will strengthen the training and expand the training coverage. Through the form of system promotion, we will train the knowledge workers who are practical and innovative, steady and progressive, and can adapt to modern production and management.

5.Products upgrade: object → carrier. We will integrate personality into products, regard products as symbols of the times, regard symbols as classics, and strive to create product images of each era that can serve as happy memories. 

      6.Tools upgrade: manual → semi-automatic → automatic. We introduce advanced equipment at home and abroad, carry out automation transformation, achieve intensive, simple, efficient and standardized, and implement industrial transformation, upgrading.

7.Brand upgrade: mark → brand. We will expand the cohesion of the brand, enrich the cultural charm of it, reflect the spiritual connotation of the enterprise, and promote the popularity by improving the reputation.       

      8.Supporting business upgrade: transaction → cooperation.

Today, with unremitting efforts, EDL is more professional, mature and influential. We have the determination, confidence and ability to build "EDL" into the best, most competitive and most valuable brand of casters in China. All of us will strive to surpass ourselves and realize our dreams constantly. We believe that the goal of "EDL" will be realized!