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Identification Method for Official Genuine Casters of EDL
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There are lots of casters pretending to be the brand of EDL in the market now, or the bracket is made of EDL, and the single wheel is made by other manufacturers; Or bracket with other manufacturers, single wheel with EDL.

EDL products in the design and production of strict data testing, a certain thickness of steel plate with a certain load-bearing single wheel, there are strict regulations. The service life of casters will be shortened if the casters are matched without permission.

1、All the caster brackets of EDL are printed with the logo of EDL, either on the side of the bracket or on the top of the plate. Please pay attention.

2、All the singel wheel of EDL are printed with the logo of EDL. Please pay attention.
Only with both of the above two logos can be the official genuine casters of EDL. All genuine casters of EDL enjoy one-year warranty. Please choose correctly.

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